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Body Treatments 

Your body is pure intelligence. It reflects you. Your past and your present echoes in your skin. Knowing that, isn't it time you were good to yourself?


Spa Glow    35 minutes,   $ 45 

A custom blend of essentials oils and Dead Sea salt is gently worked into the skin to exfoliate and increase circulation. Warm, steamed towels are used to remove treatment leaving skin soft, balanced, and moisturized. An excellent treatment before a sunless tan.

Cellulite Treatment    40 minutes,     $ 45

A treatment that offers the complete detoxifying properties with deep-penetrating heat starts with a special cellulite massage with our Detoxifying Gel, made of the finest pure botanicals, releasing fats and toxins. Warm paraffin is then applied followed by being wrapped in a warm blanket. A second massage applying Body Tone protecting the skin from free radical damage using organic herbs and powerful anti-oxidants leaving you hydrated and toned.

Also available in multi treatment packages.

Body Mud Mask    60 minutes,    $ 75 

Sooth, heal and cleanse the body and mind. Dead sea salts and essential oils will exfoliate dead skin cells and the natural healing properties of Dead Sea Mud and selected clays are blended with essential oils which are rich in anti-inflammatory, desensitizing and healing properties, applied in a massage style application with a hydrating and detoxifying effect.